Growth & Learning

To keep the Best Team in Informationl Technology at the top of its game, both professionally and personally, we invest significant resources to help our people learn and grow. We are passionate about challenging each employee to innovate, make a difference and, ultimately, succeed.

A Career That Spans the Globe

No matter where your office is located you'll have the opportunity to work on a global scale. A typical day might kick off with an email to Bangalore and an IM with a colleague at headquarters in Kolkata, continue with a video conference with a project team in Oman and end with a call to London.

Starting Strong

You'll participate in our comprehensive orientation program, which features an overview of our business, culture and benefits, as well as programs, resources and tools for learning and growth, wellness, recognition, diversity and corporate responsibility.

Encouraging Performance

Our Performance Management program brings a focus to objective and development planning, ensuring each of us move our business toward success. This program provides processes and tools to ensure we set clear business objectives, foster feedback and coaching from managers, develop our people, and recognize and reward achievement.

Providing the Tools

We offer a robust collection of internal learning resources and tools, including the MyCareer tool and the Tech Learning Institute. These sites provide 24/7 access to employee-produced podcasts and videos, instructor-led courses, competency assessments and thousands of eLearning courses and online business and technical books.

Furthering Your Education

We understand the importance of education to our continued success. Where business needs exist, we assist employees in obtaining professional certifications, as well as continuing their formal education through Tuition Reimbursement. More than 200 employees are working on undergraduate degrees, MBAs and PhD's from both online universities and brick-and-mortar campuses.

Seizing Opportunities

At SOFTTHINK, opportunities are limitless – moving between businesses, transferring to other countries, taking on special assignments such as being a part of a special project, and much more. Each is an avenue to help you grow, innovate and succeed.

The Next Big Thing

We take great pride in our long list of industry firsts. To ensure we continue to surface the next great breakthrough or big idea, we use a number of forums to foster innovation at SOFTTHINK. HackDay is an annual event that gives our developers 24 continuous hours to bring their brightest, most creative ideas to life. BringIt is an ongoing program that taps into the imagination of SOFTTHINK employees with a chance to "pitch" their best business-changing ideas and listen to inspiring guest speakers. ProtoTime is our newest program, which provides a budget of development hours specifically earmarked for testing out a hypothesis to learn whether or not it has even greater potential for the business or our customers.